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Tango free download for samsung mobile

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Indian Chicken Curry

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This is Indian comfort food at its best – a warm, spicy bowl of chicken drowning in a rich and flavorful brown gravy served over a bowl of steaming white rice.  Curry is often associated with Indian cooking and  is usually understood to mean “gravy” or “sauce” rather than “spices”.  Curry’s popularity in recent decades [...]

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Rogan Josh



 Rogan Josh, this dish is as close to heaven as food can get, just like the place where it belongs, Kashmir.
Originally prepared by the Mughals , this delicacy tops the list of the best of Kashmiri menus around the globe.
The word Rogan means Oil, which is infused with a world of flavors, and Josh , is the [...]

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Jeera Alu

Jeera Alu, is the simplest, most easy dish to prepare, when the guests are just about to arrive and you still haven’t entered the kitchen. Or the children are on a hunger call, and they just won’t wait.
Jeera Alu, can be prepared in a snap and served like you have slogged for at least 2 [...]

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Channe Paneer

Chickpeas cooked with cottage cheese cubes in a  smooth tomato gravy, in short Chana paneer.It’s a Punjabi dish, originally a variation of the famous Matar Paneer (cottage cheese and peas).Chickpeas (kabuli chana) is a legume, full of good proteins and so is our good old paneer (fried cheese).
 Its great feast for people with heart trouble [...]

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Keema Matar (Ground Lamb with Peas)

Keema Matar
, an important main course dish of the authentic Mughlai cuisine, it is a hot and spicy dish, which holds its ground strong, even with its simplicity and the absence of a rich gravy.
Ground or minced, tender lamb, with the sweetness of the peas and the important contribution of aromatic Indian spices. The earthy [...]

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Tandoori Fish (Spicy Grilled Fish)

 Tandoori Fish
is a seafood delicacy, a super easy dish to make, which is packed with nutrition and a delight for weightwatchers.
Here’s something you can make without taking much stress and enjoy eating it the same way.
Tandoori Fish, cooked in North India comes with a slight variation, the Fish is kept in the yoghurt marinade [...]

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Fish Pakora (Indian Spiced Fish Fingers)

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Fish pakora is a mouth watering and spiced up version of fish n’ chips minus the chips.
An essential part of Indian street food culture, these fish pakoras or pakodas, are bite-size cut pieces of a white, flaky fish dipped in a light chickpea batter boosted with spices and flash fried.
Sold by street vendors [...]

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Karahi Murgh (Wok Seared Chicken with Whole Spices)

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This very special chicken is simply delicious and unlike anything you might have tried before. It uses an array of Indian spices with a common ingredient like chicken.  You will be drawn to this mouth-watering dish by its fragrant aromas long before you taste it.
This recipe was actually shared with our family by one of [...]

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Karahi Gosht (Wok Seared Spiced Goat Curry)

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This Mughlai dish is a favorite among family and friends.  We cook it for our special get-togethers and big family dinners.  This dish tastes best if with goat meat but since that is not as readily available,  lamb works just as well.
My husband loves to make this dish whenever our children come visit us for [...]

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Fried Masala Paneer (Indian Cottage Cheese Sticks)

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Paneer, or Indian cottage cheese, is the most common Indian cheese made by curdling heated milk using an acidic food like lemon juice or vinegar.  It has soft and smooth consistency similar to that of firm tofu.
Paneer has a simple and fresh versatile nature which can absorb other flavors very well. Since it is made [...]

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Seekh Kebab (Ground Lamb Kebab)

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Kebabs, (sometimes written as kabob, kebab, or kebob) in its many variants, are found in many Middle Eastern cuisines and were first introduced to India by the Mughals, an Islamic imperial power which ruled India during the 16th – 19th centuries.
Seekh Kebabs, one of the most popular versions, is minced meat flavored with an array [...]

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Hara Bhara Kabab (Savory Spinach Potato Cake)

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Indian street food is an integral part of the culture and its spirit as it links the food with social interaction.  Street food is readily available to people from all walks of life walking hurriedly along the busy streets of India.
On my way from work, almost on a daily basis, we stopped to enjoy one [...]

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Aloo Gobi (Cauliflower & Potato)

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Aloo gobi (from Punjabi), also spelled alu gobi, or aloo gobhi is usually a “dry” Indian curry, i.e. it often does not have a liquid sauce. It is a popular combination of aloo (potato) and gob(h)i (cauliflower) with spices. It is yellowish in color, because of the use of turmeric, and occasionally contains kalonji (sometimes [...]

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